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Gary T Cole
Photography Producer Writer and College Football Analyst Television Personality and Speaker

The Playboy All-America Teams

Playboy magazine began covering college football in 1957 with its first Pigskin Preview. That same feature introduced the first Playboy Preseason All-America Football Team. Dissatisfied with simply publishing pick-up photos of Playboy's All-America selections, Hefner created the Playboy All-America Weekend in 1960 and brought the players and a Coach of the Year to Chicago to give them their awards and take a team photo. The awards weekend continued for 48 years and featured hundreds of players who would go on outstanding careers in college and the NFL. I staged those weekends and produced the dream team football team photo beginning in 1970. In 1987, I took on the added responsibility of selecting the All-America teams and writing the Pigskin Preview, something I continue to do to this day.



In 1978, Playboy instituted a College Basketball Preview and selected Preseason All-Americas in that sport as well. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were on that first team. In 1987, I also took on the cloak of basketball guru, a job that brought me into contact with so many great names from basketball including Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal.

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